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Jan 15, 2020
As operators report an increasing number of GNSS signal losses related to radio frequency interference, Airbus is reminding pilots of the...
Jan 14, 2020
Text communications between controllers and pilots are required throughout North Atlantic airspace and over Europe. ...
Jan 10, 2020
Hungarian LCC Wizz Air has launched SITAOnair’s internet protocol (IP)-based airline operations messaging service in Europe. ...
Jan 10, 2020
As Europe’s airspace remains in dire need for capacity, artificial intelligence gains momentum in air traffic management. ...
Jan 08, 2020
Boeing’s EcoDemonstrator initiative is part of a greater focus on advanced operational efficiency and long-term sustainable growth. ...
Jan 07, 2020
Major aerospace supplier Heico through a subsidiary has acquired the human-machine interface product line of Spectralux for an unidentifi...
Jan 06, 2020
Years in development, the draft regulation would require small drones to send identification and positional data to the ground. ...
Jan 01, 2020
Digital backbone for FVL; USAF eyes eVTOL; autonomous ag aircraft; drone deliveries in industrial park; better carbon fiber for space. ...
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